Disruptive or Informative?

From smartphones that offer instant access to nearly infinite information, to voice-controlled wireless speakers that act as “digital assistants,” technology is all around us. And it’s always changing.

In the construction industry, today’s advancements give architects, engineers, contractors and other construction professionals numerous advantages — like improved quality and increased efficiency. Here are a few technology trends on our radar.

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows construction companies to collect valuable information in real time, and use that data to drive decisionmaking. Wearables, like Google Glass, help workers access handsfree instruction manuals, while machine and equipment sensors can transmit tracking information and monitor machines for repairs.

Virtual and augmented reality is a hot topic in the industry, and can help enhance collaboration. With the rise of integrated project delivery, VR and AR is imperative to helping construction teams plan, design and build projects — and allows them to detect errors in advance and avoid costly mistakes.

3D printers are gaining traction in the industry with their ability to produce complex parts and objects used in the construction of homes, bridges and other projects. Plus, 3D printing is relatively fast and inexpensive.

Although it can be difficult to stay current on new technology, it’s important to remain flexible and adopt those that could help your company be more productive in the long-run. If you don’t, you could risk getting left behind!

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