Meet the Team

Ron, Alex and Debbie make a great team, working with the MCA Board and membership to improve the industry and member businesses. Join the team. It’s good for you and good for the industry.

  • Ron Mitchell portrait

    Ron Mitchell Executive Director

    With a strong background in labor relations, team building and strategic planning, Ron feels his most important goals are to build even stronger relationships with NorCal MCA’s union partners and focus on the individual concerns of his contractor members. “It’s my job to give MCA a stronger voice in the industry by representing my members while working closely with our unions for outcomes that benefit both labor and management.” Ron was formerly the Labor Relations Specialist for Bay Area SMACNA.

  • Alex Hall portrait

    Alex Hall Director of Member Relations

    Alex comes to the MCA with more than 25 years of event planning, business ownership and customer service experience. “My vision for the NorCal MCA is to continue to be the voice for our contractors in an ongoing effort to both be politically strong for our industry and to provide our members with the educational tools they need for success.” Alex feels that keeping members updated and informed is the key to addressing industry issues before they become industry problems.

  • Debbie Runkey Office Manager

    The longest-running employee of the team, Debbie knows labor relations, education and member relations — all of the areas that matter most to MCA members. “I want to see our association continue to add to what we offer in education. The more they know about new technology, safety and industry legislation, the better they can run their businesses.” Debbie has been helping members and organizing networking events since 2006. She can answer most questions members have about the association.